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oh no!

St-Sebastian - Milk

Well well well..

Xmas is over and I am in bed with some sort of retarded flu reading about ‘the knee jerk reaction of meat eaters‘ and trying to find where to buy prints from Milk (top image) and realizing I have not been paid yet.

Today is off to a good start.

If any of you are out in the comic book town and see any of these covers, let me know. I would especially like to know anywhere that has these King City (mentioned here) issues.

Then all of Optic Nerve..  (mentioned here)


Yup. Another exciting day in the life of me, the wealthy protagonist.. who is hansom!


::::) spider smile.


On The Subject of ROBOTS!

Voltron Star Shooter

I want this robot camera more than anything I have ever seen in my entire life.

This one is also pretty awesome.

Robot ;)

Yup.. Robots.


Thats all.




King City!

Brandon Graham - King City

Fuck yes! I got the last King City issue! Months of searching and its finally mine!

You would think I would be over joyed and read it straight away, right?

WRONG!! You know why?! BECAUSE I CAN’T FIND ISSUE 10!!

I have read up to issue 9 and have 11 and now 12 but can’t read them!!


God dammit all…

ANYWAY! Here is Brandon Graham blog. Check it out.


Find me issue 10!

Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan - I See the Devil in my Sleep

For anyone who knows me, this post was an easy one to see coming.

Becky Cloonan is my favorite comic book illustrator hands down; from the way she draws and uses her inks to the story’s she works on and even her old school fliers for bands like Against Me! and The Appleseed Cast.

She has illustrated amazing comics like DEMO (Brian Wood) and East Coast Rising (which unfortunately she never finished..)

Point of the matter is I wanted to attach that page above from I See The Devil In My Sleep because its cool.

And this one is from DEMO.

Sad and Beautiful World - DEMO - Becky Cloonan / Brian Wood

Now I have to go to work.

Later losers.


(Also I should mention that my top banner is by Becky Cloonan!)

Omega The Unknown!

The Best American Comics 2010 Cover

I brought this hard cover anthology a few months back when I first realized that I was making tips and I wasn’t spending money on drinking AND I was still getting paid.. Opened a world of not saving money to me that I hadn’t previously be a part of.

Anyway, point is I picked this up at Metropolise Book Store relatively cheap, and one of the most interesting comics it featured was Omega The Unknown (written by Jonathan Lethem and illustrated by Farel Dalrymple)

How could you not be instantly sold on this cover? (for #7)

Omega the Unknown - Farel Dalrymple

Pretty awesome I know. Here is the normal page to page style..


You want it.

I have it.

Go get it.

Game Over.


Fishtown - Kevin Colden

I was at the comic shop yesterday and found this little fucked up story.

The artwork is amazing and I really like the colours. Its by an artist called Kevin Colden and it was a webcomic turned graphic novel.  Pretty sweet all in all.

No luck so far on finding Optic Nerve or the missing King City issues.. (God DAMMIT!)

Fuck you.

Adrian Tomine

Punk Girl - Adrian Tomine


Aside from chasing down the rest of King City ( i need 7, 8, 10 and 12) and all of DMZ (which i have decided would be best to buy online at Mile High Comics) I have finished the sets i was collecting and am moving to more and more that I am finding ever day because I don’t get that much free time while people 1. aren’t at work or 2. are awake.

Point being, I’m chasing down Optic Nerve by Adrian Tomine.

I’ve been told its illusive to find but worth it and I already love the art work.

Thats all really. It’s not like I’m actually talking to anyone so I don’t have to be witty or even interesting.

Skate or Die, Bitch.

Process of distraction.

Here is how my average night works.. (with images and links!)


I start by looking through a previously Favorited page of a mad artist. Tonight it was Sam McKenzie.


"Understandin" - Sam McKenzie

Then I start looking through the links on his page to see what I come up with. Excluding the fact that the entire last post started here as well, this is where I went the second time round!

Page 20 - Sheldon Vella

Page 01 - Sheldon Vella



















































Something to look forward to..

"Classes" - Karl Kwasny

Karl Kwasny. I stumbled apon him a few months ago.

His art work is amazing and his line work is phenomenal! Also, turns out he plans on having a book out in 2012!

“One hundred illustrations over two years” – Monaux


If your not seeing this early pattern emerging,  I don’t sleep much at night and instead look for artists, comics, toy robots and other interesting things until i get tired enough to try sleep.. then I watch a movie.



Popgun took all my tips away!

Popgun Volume 2 - Image comics

A few weeks ago i was in Alternate Worlds, which is by far the best comic shop on the greater Melbourne that I have found so far, and I noticed these four books called Popgun.

The cover art looked awesome and I had a pocket full of tips from work (And there were no issues of King City which is really hard to find god dammit!) so I brought Volume 1 and since then I had to tack that on top of the other comics I’ve been buying for the last three weeks.

Absolutely worth the money. Its a ‘graphic mixtape’ of comics so you get about 30 teasers of some really wicked comics.

I pretty much told you that so I had an excuse to put up that cover art.


hells yeah.