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Process of distraction.

Here is how my average night works.. (with images and links!)


I start by looking through a previously Favorited page of a mad artist. Tonight it was Sam McKenzie.


"Understandin" - Sam McKenzie

Then I start looking through the links on his page to see what I come up with. Excluding the fact that the entire last post started here as well, this is where I went the second time round!

Page 20 - Sheldon Vella

Page 01 - Sheldon Vella


















































Sheldon Vella. I recognized his artwork straight away from Popgun, and then read that he has a new short coming out for the upcoming 9th Meathaus Anthology.

So naturally I follow that to Meathaus to have a look at their anthology’s.

Then I find this (amazingly produced) ad!

So naturally I just brought that along with the other Go for Gold books I could find..


Everything works out for the best when I should be working on other things..



Over and dead.



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